Someone You Can Trust
All our marketed product are qualified products that entail cost-effective solution for our customer. To guarantee the best results we insist on our own in-house skill worker who are qualified to do the job, complete training and skill.

How We Work
  • Inspection of your premises or your blueprints to determine the scope of the job as well as your demands and expectations.
  • Choice of the coating or flooring system that matches your requirements in terms of performance and appearance.
  • Preparation of your concrete surface by our own in-house installers.
  • Installation of Coatings or Floorings System.
  • Careful inspection to guarantee the final results.

A reliable product and manufacturer is important, we work with the best local and international manufacturer of resin coatings and we know the business. We have all kinds of experience and expertise in formulation and production supported by our manufacturer business partners.

For installation, we have our own highly qualified professional installation team to give guaranteed full satisfaction to all our customers.

    You can be sure Quality Technic Applications Sdn Bhd will continue to guarantee that quality and ingenuity is with you throughout every step of any project, be it big or small